Chithambara Maths Challenge Exam Results will be released on 1st of June

Chithambara Maths Challenge exam results will be released 1st of June . Parents can view their children’s…

Children from families earning less than £33,000 should have priority for grammars, Justine Greening says

Children from families who earn less than £33,000 should be given priority in grammar schools, as the…

Supreme court upholds ban on term-time holidays

Parents across England watched eagerly today as the Supreme Court ruled that parents who take their children…

Viral Fever Forces Peradeniya University To Close

All faculties at the University of Peradeniya will be closed until further notice, Peradeniya University officials have…

SATs for seven-year-olds to be SCRAPPED

U-turn by ministers – but children will have ‘informal tests’ when they start primary school instead Tests…

Chithambara Maths Challenge Paper correction commence

Chithambara Maths Challenge paper correction commence on last Sunday.

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