Private school pupils being groomed by ‘county lines’ drug gangs, report warns

Private school Children are being groomed by drug gangs as they are “less likely to be identified”…

Number of EU applicants to UK medical schools falls to lowest point in decade, figures show

Figures from the university and colleges admissions body (Ucas) show that the number has dropped by 8 per…

12 questions we should ask about KS3 curriculum’

Ofsted’s new focus on the curriculum gives schools an opportunity to rethink their KS3 curriculum, writes one…


Mysterious object Oumuamua arrived in our solar system in October 2017  NASA spotted unexpected boost in speed…

‘Liquid gold’: students make world’s first brick out of human urine

The bio-brick created by students in Cape Town mixes urine with sand and bacteria, which they say…

Common university interview mistakes – and how to avoid them

University interviews are all too often shrouded in mystery. Example questions, such as those released by Oxford…

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