England’s best and worst primary schools – so how does your child’s compare with rest of country?

51% of poorest pupils are reaching expected levels in national primary tests  That compares to 70% for…

Exam ‘lottery’ means nearly HALF of GCSE and A-Level grades could be wrong, study finds

Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation released study last week Entitled Marking Consistency Metrics – an update,…

A selfie on Mars:

NASA’s InSight spacecraft sends stunning image back to Earth after surviving a supersonic plunge and landing safely…

Two-year degree plan to cut cost of tuition fees

Students in England are being promised the option of “accelerated” two-year degree courses, saving 20% on tuition…

Private school pupils being groomed by ‘county lines’ drug gangs, report warns

Private school Children are being groomed by drug gangs as they are “less likely to be identified”…

Number of EU applicants to UK medical schools falls to lowest point in decade, figures show

Figures from the university and colleges admissions body (Ucas) show that the number has dropped by 8 per…

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